What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine Insurance is coverage for property or equipment being stored by a third party, or if property or equipment is being moved via road or rail in transit. This protects your business incase of an incident, because that property in transit if damaged, can be financially damaging to your bottom line.

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Why do I need Inland Marine if I have Commercial Insurance?

Why do I need Inland Marine if I have Commercial Insurance?

Most of the time, commercial insurance does cover your assets that you have on the physical premises of your business. This type of coverage under commercial insurance covers:

  • Property that's temporarily under your custody
  • Property stored in a trailer or truck
  • Property being used for building and materials
  • Property that may be stored at another location
  • Property that is being transported

Whether by boat, or truck, safeguard your property

You'll want to contact us to go over your customized options when it comes to Inland Marine Insurance. This can cover shipping high value goods, or dealing with retailers, but it doesn't stop there. The policies serve different needs. For the best Inland Marine Insurance in Fort Collins, give us a call at 970-204-4553.