Cover employees from work-related illnesses and accidents with the right insurance

Workers' Compensation isn't just a legal requirement, it's an investment in the security and safety of your employees. Without it, your business can face very expensive lawsuits. By providing insurance to your employees, you are able to safeguard your business.

What does Workers' Compensation cover?

This can vary, but the majority of Workers' Compensation pays out medical bills, care costs, and a majority of lost wages. In the unfortunate scenario no one wishes to have, it can also cover funeral costs and death benefits.

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Required coverage

It varies in the workplace and place to place, but the general rule is you need to take out workers' compensation insurance for your employees that pays out if they are injured on the job. This means that if an employee is injured on the job, they may be covered. This helps the business long term as you are able to also retain the team you have by being able to take care of them in case of an incident.

Get coverage whether your business is old or new

Get coverage whether your business is old or new

New businesses often struggle to get workers' compensation insurance. However, failing to get coverage can put your company at financial risk. Fort Collins Insurance is one of few insurance companies that can help new businesses. You'll have access to plans with extensive coverage for competitive rates.

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